Friday, June 01, 2007

I Quote...

..Pune Newsline dated 27th May carrying a front page article with Saif Ali Khan speaking his mind.

"I am surprised smoking isn't illegal, it is as addictive as heroine."

Oh!! and making it illegal will help you is it?? I am surprised.

Oh I absolutely adore Saif as an actor. Most Saif movies I have watched were all entertaining and his timming with humour is just fab but this jazz....comeon.


Just like that said...

I read this. I think he's just totally shocked right now with the realisation that he's as fallible as the rest.

When did making things illegal ever help? Drug peddling, prostitution etc still thrive. I think money is the root of all misery. You are miserable if you have none, and miserable if you have too much!

I like him a lot too, his smile is very cute, and I like his characters too, in DCH, Hum Tum etc. But he's proved that he's not all sweetness and light with Omkara, the cunning just emanated from his eyes

Sunita said...

jlt: Hunting black bucks is illegal didn't help the that statement of his is just jazz