Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The 'I admire' tag

Its been long due so will get straight to the point.

I Admire..

1) Self-made men and women. I just love autobiographies of people who talk about hardships, struggles, who risk it all to follow their heart, who have faith & hope and success arriving slowly and steady. I love these stories and I love these people all the more.
2) Patience and Calmness. I admire people who in crisis can think through and remain calm and tell you "this will pass but this is what we need to do".
3) People who live with difficult in-laws to take care of them and maintain a cordial atmosphere. It takes immense patience and courage to deal with 50/60plus tantrums when you are just 20/30 plus.
4) People who have spick and span and orderly homes. I am at your feet for that effort you put in. I was once visiting P's cousin in our home town. The cousin's wife opened her almirah and the sight of neatly stacked towels, sheets and clothes absolutely bowled me over. I just loved her for that.
5) Genuine people. They say & do what they think they should inspite of knowing others might not approve.
6) People who can introspect and accept a fault.
7) People who can go out of their way to help and not show an ounce of arrogance.
8) People who can cook well.
9) People who take special care of kids and oldies on the road or other places. People who stop for a child to cross or let that uncle overtake you, since he seems to be in so much hurry.
10) People who stand up for a cause and stand by it till the end.
11) Parents who can put their kid's happiness before society norms and patterns.
12) People who are keen to learn new things.

I love doing such tags, atleast makes me think and pen it down explicitly.


Hip Grandma said...

nice list and i agree totally

Just Like That said...

wonderful list of things right from the heart, Sunita. I agree, on so many counts, it could almost have been me writing this.

NainaAshley said...

This one is closer to my own list.

Pushpa said...

I want to add one of mine...I admire YOU...cos after so much of work n taking care of peapod u still hv the time to pen down blogs n moreover "I admire " list as well

Risha said...

Nice list!! My list would be similar.
with i admire suni written there [;)] you know that well!!!

Swati said...

I admire you for such a nice list :D So true , so apt ..mine wud not be different

Swathi said...

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