Monday, August 20, 2007

My Fetishes tag

HHGM tagged me and so here goes my fetishes.

1) I can not throw food away. This does not mean I do not have waste or left overs but wherever possible leave the honors for my mom. I have some kind of a heavy guilt trips after I dump food in the dustbin so I just avoid doing it. Now, while I have to do the honors myself, I make sure I eat little or force myself to eat it all. I even try not to cook in excess, because ultimately most land in the bin and I just can't bring myself to throw it away.

2) I have to clean my house just when I am leaving or before retiring to bed. All beds neat and spread well, kitchen clean, sink clear, toys off the floor, clothes either dumped into the closet or the washing machine but out of sight. I hate coming back or getting up to a untidy house.

I tag Risha & Pushpa, lets see your list girls.


Just Like That said...

:-) Sooooo with you on the cleaning house before you leave. Hubs used to get MAD when I used to keep him waiting while I rushed about putting newspapers away and the cusions straight, before locking the door. What he couldn't understand was why I'd do this when the house would still be the same in the evening...;-)

I HAVE to show him this post! Lol!

Sunita said...

Mine too because I leave with him. He tells me I have no concept of time management :).

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunita:

This is the first time I'm commenting on your blog. I love reading your sincere, genuine posts. Very "straight from the heart". On the straightening the house before leaving home or going to bed note, I'm excactly like you are. I try to get ready before my husband and then use the wait time to prop up very cushion and iron out the creases by hand!!! It tires me out even more if I have to come back to a messy home after a long day. Best wishes to you as Joyce's mother. Your mom has obviously done a wonderful job with you and I'm positive you'll do the same with your daughter.

God bless you all.


NainaAshley said...

Hi Sunita,

I can't throw away food either and I can't cook little either so I end up eating the same stuff for days.

Sunita said...

Ann: Welcome here and thanks for the nice things you had to say.
NA:I do that too but my basic motive is to cook less though it might get frustrating at times when extra helpings are required :)

Swathi said...

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