Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the party is still not over .....

We threw a virtual baby shower to 10 to-be-mommy bloggers. And that is what the last post was all about, just in case you were wondering.

You all have probably already read around about how it began and how it felt and the madness around continents in the last couple of weeks. If you haven't please read a synopsis of it here and here is the story of what happens behind the curtains.
I will just list a few moments from the last 2 weeks around this baby-shower that probably will give you no more insight than you already have ..but then I have to post.

I receive an e-mail from Tara on the 1st of April with her plan to host a baby shower. I thought it was a good idea and sent her an email saying so.

I completely forget about it and casually check my mails over the weekend. I think I started checking around 10pm and was at it till 2am and even then I wasn't done. No mails go unread in this account of mine unlike my yahoo account which almost always is junk. Also, my yahoo id is such, I myself feel ashamed spelling it out to anyone. Ok, coming back to what I was saying, I fell asleep 2 days on the laptop just trying to keep up the reputation of a clean inbox.

During the week, I had to check atleast alternate days to be in the game and know what was happening. I soon realized I was only checking and checking and I wasn't able to reply anywhere, to any thread. Such chitter chatter, so many threads, plans ....catching up was getting impossible.

Once during the week I fell asleep next to my laptop on the bed in the guest room. At around 3, I realized the peapod was sleeping next to me. I had tucked her into bed in our room with pillow walls and when she got up she probably realized I wasn't around and she just got down from the bed, came to the guest room and found me asleep hugging the laptop so crawled right next to me. It took me a few minutes to realize where I was and why were mom and daughter sleeping next to the laptop.

I see this message from Kiran saying my cell phone has being disco-ing all day .... and laughed for a long time. I had a tough time imagining her handling this on her blackberry since ofcourse I was having a tough time handling it otherwise.

I was also trying to find people I know like JLT, Art & Fuzzy but couldn't trace them amongst the furore. Soon I realized JLT was very much in and kicking sas just that I didn't know it was her.

I was replying randomly here and there only to never being able to trace the thread again.

When Dotmom said, she needed headhunters for the Signature book, I gate crashed, jumped Queues and said "I will". Finally I can contribute, I had a spot I thought.

I was suppose to list the doula gang with their blognames. When I began on the weekend that followed right before the deadline I realized what a mamoth task that was going to be. While I was looking around helplessly, Altoid came to my rescue with a ready made list. I stared at it for almost 5-10 minutes and wondered what do I need to do now since this was all ready? So I thought and thought and thought and then thought, what the heck, I will create a table, put a column header, add filters, bold it, color it, divide it into multiple sheets, give it borders, write formulas and said ok, I have done my job. Some job satisfaction I need. (I have seen the hubby do this endlessly before we bought our car. He compared cars and the value for money versus comfort and mileage. And after that beautiful spreadsheet, what did we buy ..ofcourse the Hyundai-Santro which we always knew since that was the only thing affordable in that whole list.)

For the wishes, people were coming up with such priceless gems, straight from the heart and I just did not know what to say other than express the love and warmth I felt. With the little interaction I have had with you girls over the last year or so, I have enjoyed knowing you and your lovely kids.

Finally on the 24th I saw everybody putting up their riddles. I was scared I might not get a chance to get to the laptop in the evening and I put it up during our lunch break. I had butterflies in my tummy, I was gigling, I couldnt stop smiling in office, looking all stupid probably. I was very excited

Finally when I saw boo's message and her post, I had to go to the common machine to check my mails and share and yell about how excited I was feeling. Soon I saw messages from Poppins and Maggie starting to surface here and there and I wanted to bet on the MTBs. What a day it was. You MTB's rock and so do all of you who were so much more involved behind the scenes.

I check my mails today and there you go, now we have the MTBs on board and so the party continues. Enjoyed this mega baby shower thoroughly. God Bless the little ones.


Kodi's Mom said...

you guys are a crazy lot, you know that?!
and we wouldn't have it any other way :)
loved your contribution of formatting and 'columnizing' all the blog headers - neat touch!

Sunita said...

@kodi's mom: no no no ..I just created an excel sheet with column headers not blog headers. The blog headers were done by the rest dotmom, ddmom, Trishna, K3 and guys... now you see ..what I was doing :)

Mona said...

it was awesome fun huh, with all the chaos and furore and everything!

Sunita said...

Oh yes, no denying that.

Maggie said...

And again, thank you for everything! It was the most fun I've had in ages...

Poppins said...

You bet the party is still not over. Have you logged into the group recently? Not for the faint hearted !

Sunita said...

@poppins:yes, I checked briefly, its not for the sleepyheads as well :)

Risha said...

my god, you guys are unbelievable. very innovative way to maintain the tradition.