Saturday, May 03, 2008

In the Peapod language ......

Our Aunty upstairs has been singing 'ABCD..' to the kids from her window for the last week. I haven't paid much attention to ABCD yet, though she does a ABCD puzzle but that is just putting the pieces here and there. Today morning,
Aunty to the peapod - Say ABCDEFG (in that age old tune we generally sing it where "lmnop" happens twice)
Peapod sings - AB'Chi'D Ammachy
(EFG probably sounded to her like Ammachy)

I was singing "Rejoice in the Lord" to the peapod yesterday

Mumma: Rejoice in the Lord always ...... Rejoice, Rejoice and again I say Rejoice
Peapod: Mumma, Sharon Sharon
Mumma(guessing this was coming): Sharon in the Lord always..... Sharon, Sharon and again I say Sharon
Peapod: Mumma, Rejoice

The kids were watching the nursery rhymes for the umpteenth time. "Its the 3rd rhyme, BA BA Black sheep. Once that is done, the light goes kaput.

My mom starts singing: Ba Ba black sheep, have you any wool, yes sir yes sir, 3 bags full.
Peapod: One for Sharon, one for peapod
Mumma: and one for
Peapod: Ammachy
Peapod: Mumma Ba Ba
Mumma starts now: Ba Ba black sheep ....3 bags full
Peapod: One for Sharon, one for peapod
Mumma: and one for
Peapod: Mumma
...and I have to sing this till she is done with Dada, Appachi, Ammachy and everyone she remembers.

The current favourite rhymes are "Three little ducks that I once knew" and "I am a teapot". On a day I got up from the wrong side of the bed, I hoped around with actions to these rhymes to amuse them. And guess what now, everytime there is a demand to sing this I have to hop around silly else it is not acceptable and they will bawl till its unbearable. I dread they bringing up the "farmaish" when I am famished or trying to laze around with a book.


the mad momma said...

ROFL. I love the rejoice line!! :D I can see why she enjoys it. The Brat's fave hymn is 'Joy in my heart'!

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Risha said...

he he he he very cute [:)]