Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Conversations with the peapod

We can converse with the peapod now. She mostly responds by saying "OK" when she agrees and refuses outright by saying "No No No".
When P was onsite, I used to drive the peapod to church on sunday. During our 10 min drive, I would tell her she is not supposed to make noise within the church or play in the church, ok? and I asked her to repeat ok after me, which she did. She started responding to ok? with a "ok" and soon realized that she was agreeing and was not allowed to go back on her word once agreed. These days "ok" comes after she has thought over it. So now when we say "ok?", she takes her time to think and then agrees or completely ignores it.

We have a Tam Brahm family staying above us. A sweet old couple. They love the kids and often call after them from the window or the balcony. Y/d we were on the swing when aunty called out.
Aunty: peapod, I am going out. what do you want?
peapod: lower
Aunty: How many?
peapod: twooo
Aunty: which color?
peapod: ello
Aunty: what else do you want?
peapod: fissshhh
Aunty suddenly wriggled her nose as an instant reaction and continued what ele do you want
peapod sensing something is wrong: fisshhh with a smile
Aunty wriggled her nose once again and asked "do you want chocoloate?"
peapod with a dimply smile to tease aunty again" Fisssshhhhh"
Aunty: I dont like fish, do you want chocolate?
peapod: "No, fissshhh"

So there is a sense of humor somewhere in there. Thank God.


Anonymous said...

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Candyfloss said...

They're such fun when they start talking aren't they?! :-)

Asha said...


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Rohini said...

And so does she stay quiet in church? And if yes, can I worship you and her?

Monika said...

cho chweet

Sunita said...

@Rohini: I think she had pity on me for 2 days when she slept through some of the mass. I am still struggling otherwise.

artnavy said...

poor aunty :-))

Anonymous said...

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Usha said...

Sweet one. so lower is flower is it?

Something to Say said...

how cute!

Sunita said...

@usha: yes, lower is flower :)

Risha said...

he he he he he
lower, ello :) pukka mallu