Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last Sunday's Sermon

For the last 50-60 years, marthomites(a sect of christians), have been offering mass at a Church which was built by the britishers in the 1800’s. We have been sharing the church and the premises with atleast 3 other congregation. Currently we are trying to build a church and ofcourse fund raising is our priest's biggest worry. So far it has already costed us almost 50-60 lakhs. We are running the last leg of collections and it is the most difficult task to peacefully force people to donate. This entire sermon was in the context of this church building exercise. I am just trying to reproduce the essence of the sermon below

He said, we are busy building houses for our kids. We are not happy with 1, we invest in 2 and some in 3. It is our investment for tomorrow. for our kids. It is to make sure whatever happens, I & my family are secure.

Please, do not be blinded by these notions. If you wish to invest for your children, invest your time. Invest your love. Invest in imbibing values. Invest in good times together. Invest in peace in your homes. Invest in blessings. Invest in teaching your kids to know God. Invest time in praying together. Only these will yield happy, stable-minded & god-fearing kids. None of the materialistic investments can ensure a happy child or a prosperous future.

Inspite of all your financial plannings don’t fool yourself to think you are secure. Man proposes, God disposes. A flood, an earthquake, a famine, a job loss, a life loss can change your state of security in a matter of no time.

It made so much sense to me. He kept reverberating with the words, Invest wisely my dear kids, invest wisely. Don’t invest in things that are volatile by nature. Invest in your loved ones. Invest in good relationships. Invest in prayers for your kids.

I couldn't agree more. Out of the religious context or the church building context it is still as relevant. We need to plan and invest and save for our future but not over do it. We generally over do it wanting to be doubly sure but forget life gives us no guarantees.

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Lovely words of wisdom !