Monday, May 05, 2008

Does that mean we are ok for now?

We spent the entire morning cleaning. I was rearranging and making a new space for the CDs. The peapod and the jellybean sat with me on the bed handing me a CD everytime it was their turn. I sorted them, categorized them and stacked them. Once done, I had a huge CD case full of just softwares and backups of stuff I did taken everytime I was travelling. The huge CD case went into one of the small lower cabinet in our room. Latter in the day, the peapod pulled open the cabinet and picked up the CD case. When my sister caught her in the act, she yelled out to me. Immediately the peapod, pulled open the cabinet and put the case back. When I entered the room, the peapod stood in front of the cabinet with a naughty dimpled smile.

The peapod turned over her toy basket while looking for something. The toys were scattered all over, some under the table, the sofa and the bed. In the typical mummy-style, I put my hands on my hips and told her firmly to put the toys back and clean up the room. She stood there, looking else where as if she did not hear me. I did not move. I carried the 'I-am-damn-serious' expression on my face. She tried to sneak away under the pretext of water. I repeated, she needed to cleanup first. She looked at me and then slowly picked up all her toys and put them away.

I have struggled to discipline the peapod and at some point I think its just too difficult to discipline somebody so tiny and who has a mind of her own. She is not totally there yet but we'll get there...slowly....togather.


artnavy said...

oh i often catch myself saying "NO" and "Be reasonable" to Anush

then i have to remind myslef to be reasonable:-))

i think we need to choos eteh ones that are important and letteh others go ...tough one but

Usha said...

Oh yes, and it is that much tougher because of the "i am so helpless" or "am I not your li'l baby' kind of look these li'l imps can put on when they want to get out of being disciplined!

Reemas from PrivateMarriage said...

aren't they precious - u should be glad

Orchid said...

yes you will..and don't even stress about it
like the look of your blog..sorry it's been a while since I stopped by!

Risha said...

cant imagine you trying to discipline her. hope you not giggling while doing that :)

karmickids said...

I know just what you mean. I try the disciplining act and then just give up and think let the kid enjoy his childhood. There's enough time to follow rules later.