Friday, May 16, 2008

The story of the Please and the Crow

Like I said earlier,ever since the peapod started walking and discovering new heights in the house, I was always pleading before I ran out of patience and would smack the little butt. I was tired of the pleading business and the smacks which got us no where. More effective measures were required for the little terror that did not understand "No" or ignored my sterns like I was the mouse in the house who had no business acting strict or stern. A variation of the "Time out" started getting me the desired effects. Since staying still in a confined space was not a concept that could be taught easily to these tods, I used to just lock her up in a room for a minute. She would cry, howl for a minute and come out and be a good girl. She would clean-up or the message of no hitting jellybean was drilled in. I don't remember when was it exactly I stopped using "Please". But these days the "Please" has come to haunt me.

Girls: Mumma choclate
Mumma: You just had 2, we will have after dinner now.
Girls: Mumma please (with the head tilt, just like how I used to do it)
Mumma: No Kuttu
Girls: Mumma please ..please ..please.

Girls: Mumma duck quack quack(for the 10th time)
Mumma: Three little ducks that I once knew...
Girls: Mumma duck quack quack
Mumma: No Kutta, Mumma is tired.
Girls: Please ....Please duck quack quack

Mumma: Kuttu please keep the spice dabba back
Girls: Please Mumma ...Please

I still have to figure out how to deal with the "please" and not refuse all their pleads, least tomorrow they turn the tables back on me.

My sister is very found of crows. Her solution to all problems are crows.

Kids: Mumma choc late
Sis: The crow took it away (with a lengthy description of how the crow flew in when they weren't looking and how it flew away.)

Kids: endiye...endiye (after the spice dabba went missing mysteriously when they had just looked away for a second.
Sis: Oh the crow came and took it away.

Now the crow haunts her

Sis: Where is the spice dabba you were playing with
kids: Kaka poi (the crow took it away)

Sis: Where is my Dupatta you were playing with
kids: Kaka poi

The crow story is always narrated only to my sister never to me and I am always countered with Please. They play really fair. Such brats I tell you.


~nm said...

What intelligent brats! :)

Sunita said...

~nm: This morning I have this feeling I am following you around on blogosphere :). Everywhere I go(atleast 2) I see your comment before I made mine :).
Now that you are here, Aap kya loge .. Chai ya Coffee?

Ladybird said...

good to come across another Malloo mommy blogger.

Poppins said...

But don't they look adorable when they say Please? I love it when Poppin does it :)

At any age, I don't think they believe the Kakka kadhai. Now way.

K 3 said...

Hmm need to try the kaka story!? Or maybe not eh? LOL!

ddmom said...

LOL on the crow story. Kids these days are born smart :)

PRACHEE said...

Hey Sunita ! Stumbled on ur blog through Ruzan's :) and now m hooked to peapod n jelly beans antics ! eagerly awaiting the next trick they plan n execute :)
- Prachi

Risha said...

cute brats :)

Sunita said...

@ladybird: Welcome here.
@poppins: Ofcourse and that is why the smarties turn it back on us. Sometimes all you need is a distraction and you would do anything for it :).
@k3: Think twice, what story you want to hear :)
@ddmom: you bet.
@prachee: hey, welcome here. Are you still in pune?
@risha: Can unleash them on you anyday you are in town now :)

Swati said...

LOL..Very smart. Loved it.

Just Like That said...

ROFL The 'brats' are very cute :-D