Monday, June 02, 2008

Don Williams

I have been playing Don Williams all day today. I was introduced to country music by a friend while I was in the US and I am very grateful for it. I absolutely love his voice. His songs are very hummable. The guitar is so soothing. And if all that was not enough, he is very handsome in a very cow boy way. Here are a couple of my favourites,

1. Lord, I hope this day is good

2. Turn Out the Light And Love Me Tonight

3. Some broken hearts never mend

I also love among others, Amanda, Love is on a Roll, I believe and My best friend

I wish I could hear him sing and play on stage.


Risha said...

Bob dylan is good too if you like Don williams you might like him too.

Sunita said...

hey, will check out :)