Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Showers

It rained today. I saw the rains through the window but forgot about it and went by my job. Latter in the evening, I see a message from the hubby that said "Heavy rains, you think the peapod would be fascinated or afraid?". And that is when I remembered about the hailstones 2 weeks back. Yes, it rained hailstones here in Pune. The kids it seems had only been bathed and so were locked inside while they watched the little ice cubes land on our balcony through the sliding glass doors. The Uncle & Aunty upstairs were too excited and they kept calling out to the kids while throwing all the ice cubes from their balcony to ours. The duo were totally confused as to what was happening but nevertheless kept yelling out to uncle and aunty, "Veenum Veenum" (You will fall), something we keep telling them when they get over-excited. A very lovable couple and they indulge the kids as much as is possible from balcony to balcony.

I replied back to the hubby saying "Fascinated definitely". When I left office at 8pm, it was drizzling and I thought I should be able to make it home decently. By the time I was a km or so from the office, it stating pouring. The first rains and ofcourse I hit the traffic jams. In the 10km stretch from home to work, the roads have been dug up at 3 places. One is a road widening project, second is a piping project and third I am not sure what are they doing blocking the entire road creating major traffic scenes during peak hours. I am ok with all these projects and the inconvenience caused, as far as, by the end of it, we have decent wide roads and no drainage issues during monsoon. Since I was on my 2-wheeler, it was easy to wade through the traffic. By the time I reached home, I was totally drenched from head to toe. I changed and hugged the peapod tight since I was cold and she was very warm. Mom says, they watched the rains, the thunder, the lightnings running around the house, watching it from each room, each window. They were very very excited.

We will just need to keep the towels and cameras handy to dance on a chance.


simplypallu said...

You what I did that day? I ran away from office at 4:30 pm so that I could go home and get drenched on the terrace! Sadly, it was pouring all through the drive, but when I changed and went upstairs, the shower was lighter and I had to make do with barely getting wet and then get excited with each crack of thunder. But I enjoyed :)

simplypallu said...

No updates in a while now?

My response to your question about the plants: Mine were picked very close from home... near Chandani Chowk. I checked out two before that: one on Sinhagad road (about 1km ahead of Rajaram pool, towards Sinhagad) and one on Paud Road (about 200 mtrs before the Lohia Jain IT Park building).

Risha said...

awww first rains would be exicting definitely. wait for ganpati and diwali :)