Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's a Boy!!!

My sister delivered a bonny baby boy on the 8th of December. Mom and baby are both doing fine. With that we stop running the "only girls" marathon. A lot of people who I called up with the great news, all said "Thank God, It's a boy", very understandably. Everybody was quick to add that it does not matter these days but still :). My mom still hasn't got used to the idea of a boy in the family. She keeps referring to her grandson as "she". Guess it will take its own time to sink in.

The name hunt has begun, do pour in your suggestions for boy names.

Art, thanks for asking, I was waiting for a picture but that might take a while.


~nm said...

Congratulations to your sis!

Do you follow the 'naam akshar' or do you keep names as you like?

Some names can be:
- Aditya
- Anshuman
- Kushagra (Means intelligent)
- Vinay
- Varun
- Vaibhav
- Udbhav
- Ishaan (this was my fav for my baby but someone in the family had a baby boy just before I did and since they named their baby as Ishaan, I couldn't keep it :|..sad na? )

- Nikhil
- Nimay
- Ashwin

I guess that's a lot of names :)

Monika said...

congrats to u and ur family...

send me a mail i have a very good xls sheet with names i will send it to u

PS: mail id in my profile

Risha said...

thats great! seriously finally a boy in the family :) congratulations to all!!!

do send me the xls sheet that monika is talking about in the previous comment, I'll need it for my sil.