Friday, December 19, 2008


I have to let you be,
though I ache and I yearn
Because there are lessons
that life wants me to learn

I'll pray everyday,
you'll need it for years
To hear your sweet voice & see you again,
probably deserves thousands of tears.

I have to let you be,
though it hurts and my heart distraught
Because I hate to see you
like a bone in a dog fight

I'll pray everyday,
for God knows how I feel
Love you sweetheart
may you live in peace


~nm said...

Beautiful one!!!

But what triggered this intense poem?

Hip Grandma said...

I second ~nm What triggered this poem? I just peeped in to say"A merry X'mas and Happy New year.

Usha said...

I used to have similar thoughts when my child was growing up but you express it beautifully.

Merry Christmas.

mummyjaan said...

It's very sweet....

Just Like That said...

that poem portrayed your emotions unsettlingly well, Sunita, hope all is well.... Haven't been here in ages, Wish you a very happy and peaceful and prosperous 2009.

Risha said...

nice poem, but i got a little worried like others curious to know wht triggered the poem