Monday, January 19, 2009

2008 in Pictures - Part 2


Best buddies in a tight embrace.

Pretend play

Late September-Early October
I went on my first onsite assignement after the peapod. I travelled to Vancouver, Canada and New York, USA for a week each for work. I loved New York to say the least. Specially Times Square. I loved the lights, the cold chilling breeze, hot coffee, good company, easy talks and energy of the place. My cousin and his wife were more than generous to drive me around New York, day and night giving me glimpses of downtown NY in just the one weekend I had. I even managed to watch a Broadway show with them, "The Phantom of the Opera". This was my first theatrical experience and it was awesome. The sets were just stunning, the way one disappeared and the other appeared. It was a very New York experience they say. There definitely is a next time.

A favourite game around here was taking turns to jump on the bean bag. This is before the Jellybean left us.

Putting on a little dab of talcom and posing for the camera

A beautiful guest that amused the girls. The duo were scared to get closer to the butterfly on the swing, what better that reach out for each other for courage.

Bed time. Reading out to each other.

Being good girls on the dinner table. They generally sit with their own plates and then what follows is a mother of all messes.

It was time to get Jellybean into a school. So my sister moved back. Nov 27th the Jellybean had an interview and she got through. She came to us as a very clingy and cranky baby a year ago. Now she is a girl with a mind of her own who guards her reputation of a "good girl" like a tressure. After every mess, antic the first thing she needs cleared is her reputation. She goes around asking "I am a good girl?" and if you dare decline, she will shout, howl untill you clear her title.


Dec 8th - The third baby in the family.

Around Christmas

Check the drama queen's expression behind.

That was 2008 in a shell.


Just Like That said...

I love the way the ordinary, day-to-day pictures are made special by your comments. :-)

Reshma said...

lovely pictures nice to get a glimpse of the new fellow.