Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 in Pictures - Part 1

In the last year my life has seen many ups and downs, both at the personal and professional front. I have hardly done any quaterly posts for the peapod this last year. I haven't even clicked enough pics since I have been just too lost to do any of it. This blog is my only means of putting stuff up for posterity and so I just thought of doing a picture post that represent some event, silly or great in the past year that I have managed to capture. While I should have ideally done a post or 2 on each but knowing myself, I know they will never see the daylights or the weblights. So here I go....

February. You remember we went to this team building activity from office to a place called Kolad. The peapod would have been just happy if I did let her stay and bond with the geese

March. This was our trip to Matheran. I had been to this resort with my first company. It was a all-expenses paid trip for the whole company. It was my first glimpse of beautiful cottages and soft jumpy beds. After 10 years I was back.

Father & daughter in some serious conversation

June - Sharing a sweet corn.

July - Talking to her mother."For the 100th time I am telling you I ate my food, I slept and have not troubled anyone."

"Oh my God, not again. I am already asleep"

A very small bird built a home in the money plant groove on our balcony. They laid eggs and hatched even smaller birds. They provided a lot of reason for the girls & us to stick around the windows and watch.

August- 2 car full of adults and 2 kids, we had a blast in Anand Valley, a place near Pune. The greenery and the clear blue sky was a treat to city bred people like us but for my mom and her sister, the village belles, it went "So what is it we are looking at here? Is this what we paid for?"

My cousins & the kids. My mom's youngest sister is 11 years younger to her. I and my sisters were pampered by her. I and my sisters pampered her kids, these 2 cousins when they were young. We were in school when they were born and were very excited about little babies at reachable distance. And now they adore, play and pamper our kids endlessly. God bless this love-chain.

August 17. My Mom's 60th birthday. She celebrated in admist her sister & family, her daughters,spouses, her grandkids. A total family affair.

To be continued....


Monika said...

such a lovely post... i love the pic in which she looking out of the train....

looking forward to more

Risha said...

lovely post, its a good idea for me to start my blog again...i am gonna copy this idea. and all the pics are wonderful...the train one especially and the talking with mom one :) cute very cute...its such a girls world .

Just Like That said...

LOL at the already asleep l'il one :-D
Again- the pics tell their own story :-)