Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Fridge magnet tag

I saw this lovely tag at Artnavy's blog and I had to do it

What you need to do: Take a shot of the magnets you possess and list out any fond/ funny anecdotes/ background about them.
I too do not have a huge collection but just a few ones:

The top one is from a recent trip to Canada, then there is one from NY, one from Grand Canyon. The orchid is from Singapore. The babies magnet was gifted by a friend. It reads "RELAX, I've got just one nerve and you are getting on it" and the other one I do not remember when or where but it reads "Search for the truth, look for the good and hope for the best"

Pick it up if you like it.


Artnavy said...


Canada is on my list of must do places before i die

Monika said...

my fridge is abs clean... no magnets no post its...

but i am loving the way u all are displaying it may be i should start collecting some magnets