Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Gup-Shup

There is no way I am going to be able to complete this blogathon that I declared on myself without much thought. I was on a 1 week leave. At home. Totally rested. Mom's off to kerala to attend the little boy's baptism along with my sister. I and my other sister couldn't make it. But my other sister, the Jellybean's mom is in Pune while mom is away. The peapod and the jellybean are having a great time. Lots of sweet conversations. I wasn't feeling very great and hence took a week off with my sister in town. I was totally rested. Slept mornings and afternoons, only to be woken up for food, tea and some niceties and our general gup-shup. Sisters totally rock and so you should have atleast one ;).

I read Amit Varma's "My Friend Sancho". Its an easy one day read. Since I have been reading him for almost 2 or more years, I think I would just like anything he wrote. While the story is pretty interesting but it kind of ends like many Malayalam movies do, leaving the audience to figure out what could have happened. And like his posts there were a couple of thought worthy lines and scenes.

I started reading "Not without my daughter" and god have I been glued to it. I couldn't put the book down untill after 1am y/d. I do not think I can rest untill I know how she pulled it off. I can only thank God I have been born in India for whatever its flaws are atleast I know I have a right and stand a chance to justice even if it might mean I may have to take to the streets, a signature campaign, a hunger strike, a candle light march, dharna, whatever it takes.

I am really happy the UPA won the elections with good majority. I hope they deliver. I did not have half a hope in any other contesting parties.

Roads are being built-rebuilt all over pune. Specially the one I take. I hope its done in time before the rains. The construction work all around gives a lot of hope that it will adorn a look it really deserves. Suresh Kalmadi has been talking about the metro project for a long time now, its high time to put a proper local transport system in place. The 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers are screwing up the traffic, the roads and the environment. How I wish I had a bus or a metro to take and had 30-mins of reading time to-n-fro. I had a 45 mins bus ride during my last job. It used to be hopelessly crowded but I enjoyed that 45 mins reading even if I was standing on one foot. I hate this driving business, I am just not made for it. Specially city drive.

That is all for now.


Monika said...

oh i have been wanting to pick up my friend sancho...

Risha said...

ohhh will read the books u mentioned..thanks.
btw ur last line...thats all reminds me of devil wears prada..the lady keeps saying that to her assistant all the time!!! :)