Monday, June 01, 2009

My Shy Child

Sunday afternoon lazing around in bed, I ask the peapod to recite her alphabets, she says them all, count your colour pencils and she does a perfect 12. Identify your colours and she gives them straight with a light green and dark green as well. Gives me the days of the week and months of the year with perfection. Identifies most objects in her picture book including anaconda. Totally pleased I tell P we can enroll her in lower KG this year instead of nursery. She already knows everything she is supposed to know by the end of the year. He smiles and asks "Will she open her mouth anywhere else other than here in your bed?" Hmm ...the answer is no. For the past 6 months I have been training her to answer to the question "What is your name?". She gives me the perfect answer at home with her last name as well. You walk out and there are umpteen number of people who ruffle her curly hair and ask her "What is your name?" and all she will do is pull out her tongue and cling to my legs. I can stand there and keep prodding all I want but not a word. That is the peapod. A dozen questions every waking minute, can argue with her parents & grand parents, can scream like sunny deol in jail and is a total rowdy at home but the moment she is out, meet people she would just not respond. You spend a few hours and might start to get a feel of the rowdiness but otherwise she seems like an angel, I only remember faintly when she was about 12months.

Her nursery begins next week and I hope she adjusts. We have moved her to a different branch of the same pre-school, which we realized was closer home. Hope she has fun with her new teachers and friends.


Artnavy said...

all the best to the little one

Risha said...

:) she'll be fine once she is in school. I've got to see this shy child

Poppins said...

OMG she does sound like my Poppin. She'll get around, you have to keep the pressure on gently. Try using the "star" system, it works.
Also, she may get over it with school!

S said...

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