Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where is my milk?

I have this feeling that unknowingly maybe I am the one that has instilled the dislike for milk in peapod. So I work at it. I tell her the benefits of milk, show her how Jellybean swipes clean a class in 2 mins, classify random people on the road as milk-drinking healthy men and women and unhealthy kinds. You get the idea of the amount of hard work that goes into brain washing my child, right?.

Yesterday I was already running late like most days for work. I asked her if she will have milk and she said she will. I went "WOW", something is working but I still did not have the time to wait for her to have her milk so I just told her she can have it at Ammachy's place or have it in the evening. She nodded her head in agreement. I was so proud of my understanding child.

We ring my mom's door bell. As soon as she opens the door, peapod walks in and orders for a FULL glass of milk. I leave before my mom can get her the milk. I smile to myself as I hurry to get to office. I ring the door bell at 7 in the evening. My mom opens the door and I can hear the peapod ask, "Ammachy where did you keep my milk?". Mom gets her the glass of milk. Of course I am surprised. One glass of milk was fine. 2 glasses of milk in a day is getting a little too much. I look at mom who has a smirk on her face. She tells me other than this howling and ordering and looking for milk and then complaining it is cold it and then after re-heating, complaining it is too hot, she hasn't had more than 2 sips the entire day. The whole thing is totally staged. She isn't drinking any milk. She is just giving out feelers. In the past when she refused to have milk, we would pull out the stories of the dog, cat or lizard who might just come in or threaten her with a smack and in defense she would sip through her milk. Might take an hour but still. Now she has decided she has had enough of all the stories and threatening business and put us on the defense with her "Where is the milk?" line. Such fine strategies at 3 I tell you. Tired with the entire day's drama, mom urges me to drink the milk. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke. She looks at both of us disapprovingly. We leave immediately.

At about 10pm, I get an sms from my cousin who lives with mom. "Its high time you and your daughter pull your act togather and finish off your quotas of milk with out the drama, talking or puking. I can not drink 2 glasses of milk a day."

I am too old to mend ways now, the only hope is the peapod. And anyway I do not think an extra glass of milk would hurt the busy 22yr old :).


Risha said...

ha ha ..i cant drink plain milk i mix some flavour in it bournvita, some syrup, complan or some fruits and then i can have it happily..have u tried that?

Bijesh said...

oh my, my. peapod is definitely learning the ways of the world. More power to the smart kiddo!!

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Poppins said...

LOL. I love my milk so I can't get it. Oh and the mandatory have you tried it with sugar? With bournvita/complan etc. You must have I guess.

Ditch the milk, switch to cheese and yoghurt for calcium, what else to do?

active toddler said...

LOL, cute story :D

nivedita said...


Anonymous said...

LOL!! You and your peapod have made poor cousins life miserable! ;-)