Monday, June 15, 2009

One more pea in the pod

Yay!!!! We are having a baby. Its officially the 12th week and we are expecting the baby in December. December is going to be one big month for celebrations with our marriage anniversary, P's birthday, Christmas, new year and now an another birthday.

I have been feeling so so tired ever since we discovered I was carrying. I am more horizontal than vertical these days. The nausea is just so annoying. Cooking has become almost non-existent. P has been managing breakfast and dinner on his own most days and sometimes even the peapod. I think P feels I am being lazy at times because he tells me I should be active and that would keep the nausea at bay. I can not blame him because I am not sure about if I am lazy or tired myself ;) and I am just glad he lets me take advantage totally. All I know is, if I can lie down, I will, anywhere and for how ever long. If it wasn't for the baby, I probably would give up eating as well. Its sometimes just a waste of time and effort. Eating and throwing-up.

We told the peapod probably as soon as we knew and she makes odd references to the baby here and there, as in, these shoes are small for me so the baby can use it kinds, making me roll my eyes. Everytime I am throwing up, she comes and strokes my back telling me "mummaky uvav aa? vellam venno?" (mumma are you sick? do you want water?). When I am totally worn out and am tired feeling tired and am crying for no particular reason, she hugs me with a kiss and asks me if the baby is being naughty inside. Moments like these makes this mommyhood business totally worth it.


Just Like That said...

Hey, CONGRATS, girl! It sure is getting to be time for a second virtual baby shower, ins't it? :-D
Did u have nausea for Peapod as well?

Poppins said...


Am so so thrilled Sunita. Wow. This is such good news. Congratulations to you guys.

Kodi's Mom said...

congrats!!!! awesome news! and yes, it does sound like another shower of babies around here :)

B o o said...

Congrats! This year is going to be raining babies too! yay!! :D

upsilamba said...

Hearty congrats, S!!
Hope the nausea goes away soon and you feel better.

Risha said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! eat well and watch comedy and stay healthy!
good luck :)

a-hem said...

Aww congrats! This means new nickname, new anti-milk antics etc.!

Good luck, and stay healthy. :)

Anonymous said...

wow congrats lady

great news :)

i am so happy for u...

wishing u a healthy and safe one

Pipette's Mimi said...

OMG!I just read on Upsi's blog! surely seems like shower season two.

Pushpa said... so so happy for u

Anonymous said...

Wohhhh! Great news Suni. :)
Hearty Congrats!

I am very infrequent blog reader these days, so plz let me know if I missed anything big in between :p

Take care dear,

Artnavy said...

hey congrats!! join the gang

that is quite a few of us now this yr right?

take care!

nivedita said...

Congrats dear.

mummyjaan said...

Now isn't that lovely news :)!! Congratulations, Sunita.

Parul said...