Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Belated but still a Happy Father's Day

This morning I got a call from my sis at around 7:30am. The moment I saw her name flashing I knew what it was. There is only one thing of utmost importance that can not wait untill the morning madness is over for either of us to tell each other on a very ordinary day. It is about dreaming Dad. If either of us remember a dream that featured dad and specially if he said something relevant to the current happenings in the family, like kids beginning school, or about the new baby or about anything we consider special like buying a house or starting a new job it has to be conveyed immediately. We also query the dreamer about what he was wearing, where was he,your place or mine and kinds. This is a very normal conversation between us. We sometimes discuss what he said at length as if he made that comment to us in flesh and blood. Sometimes we shed a tear or two, other times we laugh at some weird stuff he is so capable of. We discuss him like he actually came visiting us and not like a fragment of our imagination. My sisters see him more often than I do and they tell me that must be because I am just so forgetful. So he actually has to go to my sisters to tell me he is happy for me. So this morning he just appeared to my sister and asked if the kids are going to school. Ofcourse kids here mean both the jellybean and peapod since they both started nursery last week. And that acknowledgement in our dreams we assume is his blessings for the kids. It is quite possible that at anything new in life we think of him and it just materializes into images in our subconscious minds. Mom even adds at times "I saw him very clearly this time".

Its been 4 years since he passed away but he is a constant presence in our lives. He lead a good life and gave us one, as long as he could. When days got tough, he toiled it out as well. He could get unreasonable at times and pretty stubborn too. He had a bad temper as well. But he was an absolutely loving man and I am damn proud to be his daughter.

I was(still am) a Daddy's girl and I can see the peapod go the same way too. Every time I and P are arguing or even discussing, I am the one who gets the flak from the peapod, sometimes even when I am at the receiving end of an argument. She starts out by telling me not to shout at Dada and then in a few mins would come by to tell me in no uncertain terms to shut up. While I am seeing red at such times, I know that is how it is going to stay so I better make my peace with it. Throughout life, every time my parents argued, 99% of the time my mom had a valid point, but we girls ultimately ended up defending Dad. And specially me of the 3 of us. I have given my mom some tough times. So its probably payback time and I better prepare myself for it.

So it is a belated Happy Father's day indeed, to mine as well as the peapod's.


Risha said...

:) Yes Uncle was a very humble, kind and lovable man. GOD bless him!
you know i can completely relate with dad still comes in my dreams and advises me from time to time. and me and mom keep talking about him for hours :)
P must be very happy na, when peapod takes his side :)

Pushpa said...

Amazing!!! sob sob sob

Anonymous said...

Amusing as you made it sound, it was really touching. God bless your daddy and keep him in your dreams all the time. :-)

Indian Home Maker said...

I read a very sad blog yesterday, about a father wishing they would dream of their son, who died in an air crash six months before this post.

Dreams can be a huge comfort. I know after my dream I have been feeling at peace. I,like the father in the blog, just wanted to know that my daughter was fine.