Monday, July 06, 2009

I had a little talk.....

.....with the little monkey inside. This morning while I waled to office.

lm: Hi there!!!!
me: Hi (tired climbing the stairs)
lm: so are you planning to send some food down here or just planning to starve me
me: ha!! You sound so much like your father.
lm: so the answer is...
me: will you let me keep something inside without throwing everything right back up
lm: I can try but seriously, what is that stuff you eat?
me: forget what that was, tell me what is it that you want
lm: tangy, bitter will do for now and I will try to behave
me: hmm ..I already knew that.
lm: love you and take care and tell that screaming monkey outside, I am not one bit scared.
me: love you and I will convey the message.

So finally I had a decent lunch in months, today. A little talk helps.


upsilamba said...


good, S.
My sis was here for the weekend and she made what I craved for. I had a very tummy-filling weekend and feel so happy and contend!

Risha said...

:) goooood dear. So what did you eat...what do you feel like other than subway? shd i make something for you?

Just Like That said...

:-) glad things are going better.

Shyamala said...

wooow!! took me a while to understand this... guess have become quite slow these days.. congrats once again suni! im sooooooo happy for you and excited about the great news.

artnavy said...

how sweet- luckily i have no problem with appetite

Anonymous said...

Aww the little monkey talks already? :-) Cute post and since I am new here, Congratulations about the Peapod Jr! :-)