Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Granny and the grand daughter

Dora the explorer is aired everyday on one of the mallu channels at 5, for half an hour. Most days, 60% of the time, the electricity in our area goes off exactly when the peapod has had her milk, plonked herself on the couch, ready to watch her favourite character Dora go on a new adventure. Sometimes she gets a 5-10 mins show at the beginning or end of it. The few days I was home, I realized how she looks forward to that 1/2 hr program. So when the electricity goes kaput and I see the disappointment on the peapod's face my heart sinks. I told P about it. We talked about how we have looked forward to stuff when we were kids and the disappointment that followed for whatever reasons, sometimes it would be because we have guests and so can not go anywhere near the TV or the electricity or some such thing. These little disappointments teach us valuable lessons about life. We learn to deal with it. We learn to still look forward and not give up hope. Yeah so us parents sat and discussed the philosophies of life and decided against buying a dvd or a cd. So as parents, we had made our peace with the situation.

Now ofcourse we do not see her bawl every day when the light goes off so we can write thesis on philosophies of life. But the grand mother sees this everyday. Sees the disappointment and the broken heart everyday and she can not bear to write it off as some philosophies of life though she would not restrain from giving hours of lectures on life to her daughters mind you. For the past month, she has been asking me to tell the watchman to switch on the generator if the light goes off anytime between 5-5:30. Ofcourse, that made no sense. The generator was only to be used after dark. Generator at 5pm was definitely not happening. Mom hounded me a thousand times, she did not understand why can't we make a special request. It took her a month to realize I wasn't going to go anywhere with her request. Both the granny and the grand daughter have tried asking the watchman to start the generator, which he would do thinking they needed to use the elevator and would turn it off in an another 5-10 mins. So that plan didn't quite work out. So a week back, again after the lights went off exactly at 5, my mom asked me to write to asianet or surya, whichever the channel, and ask them to change the show timings. I looked at her to check if she was serious. She explained that she had seen on one of the programs called "letters to the producer" or sort that they did change the timing of a program based on request from the people. I am not doing any of this crazy stuff, I yelled. It is just a little program after all. Yesterday it seems the lights went off again and she got as irritated as the peapod. This time the request was to call up MSEB and tell them to change load-shedding timings. I wanted to laugh, but realized she was damn serious.

I had reasons for not buying a CD or a DVD very specific to peapod. I wasn't thinking the granny angle at all. So I didn't see the effect it was having on my mom. She is getting crazier ideas by the day. I think I better get the Dora CD and put my mom's idea-generating machinaries to some rest. Lessons on life for the peapod we will take up at convenience latter.


Risha said...

ha ha ha ha ha This is a hilarious post:) I don't know whom to laugh at, you, aunty or peapod!!!!

nivedita said...

WOW, Mothers are so different when they become grannies

Rohini said...

Hey! Came by after a bit and chanced upon your happy news. Congrats!!!

Mrudul said...

Hahahaha! Hilarious!!
You'll be having so many such stories..feel like meeting u Suni!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Granny is super cool!! Loved reading this post and granny's bright ideas! I am gonna be smiling the whole day. :-)

Solilo said...

Grandma and kiddo are a team. Aren't they?