Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who makes a family?

When the peapod sees 4 dogs, she goes on to explain the biggest one is the "Dada Dog", the second in size is the "Mumma Dog", the smaller one is the "baby Dog" and the other dog is "S aunty dog". And then in an another instance when she is narrating a story about snakes, there is a Dada snake, a Mumma snake, a baby snake and S aunty snake. That to her is a family unit.

Like I have mentioned before, my cousin S lives with my mom. She is a good 10-12 years younger to me and she pampers the peapod no end. The peapod obviously by now has understood and identified every family unit with a father, mom and kids but S aunty didn't seem to be fitting in, with no uncle and kids to associate with. So untill S aunty finds a suitable uncle and the kids follow, S aunty will continue to be duly identified in every animal kingdom family in every story.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! :-D Poor S aunty is the loose end.

You should post more often lady!!

artnavy said...

how sweet
impeccable logic i would say

btw saw kayani's on highway on my plate and thought lots about pune and you

is peapods school open or shut with all the S flu scare there ?

Risha said...

:) he he he

Anupama said...

My 4 year old says the same thing..he's always eager to make a foursome ..onlt the fouth character is my full time maid!!1

ps ..would be honoured if you could check out my space

Asha said...

I think it is same with most of the kids, they are always looking for a family. When my son sees two female ones, she says one is mamma dog and one is nani dog..