Monday, July 20, 2009

Bringing up Vasu - by Parul Sharma

I just finished reading "Bringing up Vasu - the first year" by Parul Sharma. For the initial 30 pages or so, I got pretty worked up thinking of what was coming my way. Peapod was a custom made child for me from the dear good lord. She wasn't much trouble, I pretty much slept peacefully and the only sore point was breast feeding, I mean the amount of it. It made me feel like a diary farm at times. Though I have seen my sisters suffer night after night walking half asleep trying to pacify a baby that is crying for no reason as it may seem. I have slept through it all, yeah I have had a good life and its 34 I am not sure my patience is getting any better. So anyway, after every page or paragraph I was getting on to all kinds of "what-if" scenarios. It took me a good week or more to begin reading it continuously. The book has Parul's humour about life. I could very easily identify with the wanna-be super yummy mom Mira. I mean that is all the spice there is to life at times. I loved all the characters, Anand, Mira's mom, PnX and the two friends. The book is full of funny smart lines and had me laughing once I got over the paranoia of what is coming.

What I would have loved more in the book, is a little more substance in the suspense piece, a few twists and turns that would have me looking forward to how Mira would sort it all out. I love Parul's style of writing and there are times when Mira reminds me of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series. Its a nice funny read and if you aren't expecting you can enjoy it all at Mira's expense.


Hip Grandma said...

Where is it available/I could gift it to my daughters.

Risha said...

hmmmmm i'll keep these books in mind for future:)

Anonymous said...

Hmm sorry...I wasnt impressed with the book. Parul is desperate to make the reader laugh but will little success. "Strongly" inspired by Sophie kinsella , i am only glad she did not copy any of the plots in the Shopaholic series. Quite passable, read only if you have nothing else to do.