Monday, July 05, 2010

6 months latter....

... I am still wondering how should I begin blogging. Life, babies, school, office, makeovers have totally kept me on my toes. So I decided to let some pics help me kick start.

Here is my little boy in the initial few months. (I need a nick for him for the blog now. any suggestions? I also need a new header. any ideas?)

Day 1.

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4 - Sis & Bro

Month 6 - Father & Son

The jellybean is home. My sister is expecting a baby anytime this month. So the duo are back togather. Role play is their favourite game. Doctor-patient, mom-baby, bride and groom, shopkeeper and buyer and on and on. Lines like, "ok, now I am its my marriage....ok now its your marriage" might have us raise eyebrows, but the duo are in their own world.

Here she is fueling the vehicle.


Rohini said...

Gosh! They grow so fast!

My favourite is the sibling pic.

Hope to see your next post up soon.

Ideas for the boy's name - Muffin top? Lollipop? Muppet? Mowgli?

Rohini said...
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Timepass said...

what a cutie..nice pics.. and very glad to see my fav jelly bean and peapod again! choose a name rhyming with peapod!

Artnavy said...

nice to hear from u and see the pics. how r u doing? kids look great.

Sandhya said...

Wow..the bro sis pic is adorable...!

The little one could be - butter pecan, marshmallow, or anything mouthwatering! He is yummy!

Pushpa said...

You are are really Heartiest Congratulations to you...and the Baby looks amazing...i was gonna say pretty...then rmbrd Boy Boy...gr8 pics btw

Risha said...

wow!! nice pics...It was nice to see you today :)