Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The story of the peapod and the gummy bear continues

Unmana requested her readers to pay up and here is mine upfront. If you want to read a good story and be part of a writer's journey, pls hop over to Unmana's Voices in my head.

Now, if I keep waiting for the right time to blog anymore, the peapod would have got through age 4 with no mentions here at all and my little boy who we named Noel will be a year. So here is an update without much ado

The peapod's doing well at school so far. By that I mean she goes to school without much drama and imitates her teacher to the 'T'. Picks up 2 books and goes on "This book is thin, this thinner, come on children". Her English vocabulary is improving, its no more limited to a yes and a no. And by the way, we did get into the school I and P had wanted for her which is close to our place as well. We are now hopefully set for the next 12 years. She is a mini fashionista. She loves dressing up. She wants all the bling & accessories she can lay her hands on and her aunts do not disappoint her. She tries matching her bangles, necklaces and colorful things that can be thrown into her curly mesh of a hair to her dress. She loves belts. She will make my mom hunt high and low for the perfect top with a skirt. She loves her mini heeled sandals. She refuses to put them away even though she has outgrown it already. She loves reading, writing, coloring, painting and the works. She is very moody though. She is very caring and loving towards her little bro and carries him around like a kitten.

Now about my gummy bear, he is crawling around all day. He loves footwears, mats, combs and paper. All the lovely (and expensive, need I mention) fisher price toys can fill the floor doing funny things but he will be crusing towards Dada's shoes in the corner. Like the peapod, I wasn't particularly looking forward to what the kid would do next. He was just doing his stuff and I was catching up. Before he can crawl comfortably, he is already begun to pull himself up and grab things. He does not believe in doing one thing at a time, he is just going at it all together. His kisses are drools but very very heart warming. He sets the butterflies in my tummy fluttering every time he kisses me. And most of the time I am thinking, God this is my last chance at a baby :D. Just imagine, the last of the gummy baby smiles, the last of cute bums wriggling their way around the house, the last of baby laughter, the last of seeing that innocent face beam every time the door opens and he sees me, the last of that sweet baby smell which gives me a high of a very different kind, very very intoxicating. I so love this baby if I could just keep him like that.

My sister will be delivering anytime this week (the date's Aug 4th) and we are all waiting with our fingers crossed. I am betting on a girl, the one I did not have. The peapod and jellybean have had such pretty cute frocks that either would have worn just once. I want to see an another little princess wear those pretty dresses again. Yeah I am silly that way.


Unmana said...

Thank you: very kind of you to do this!

Kapil M said...

Awesome ! Always a pleasure to read your blog.

Pushpa said...

jeez...is it ur blog or is it my hormones??? I had couple of tears in my eyes...its my HORMONE i think (hint hint )
and AMEN...hope ur sis delivers a healthy baby gal

jeouf said...

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Sanya said...

Thanks for the article and great baby pics. I'll be reading more to see how things go for you and your sister.

Risha said...

:) just catching up on ur blogs...u r so bl..dy consistent! keep up the good work