Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jellybean and sister

Before the Jellybean takes over a very delayed but much important news relay

"My sister delivered a healthy baby girl on the 8th of August. The little one came out 4 days late and had the whole big bang family waiting for her to arrive. People had their tentative plans all chalked out which she kind of walked over sweetly. Sis and kiddo and granny(the VVIP) all doing fine. The li'l girl looks exactly like the jellybean. Only God knows how jealous I am."

In a week after the li'l one arrived, my other sister came over to help. So we had 5 kids all under 5yrs under 1 roof. It was like we were in a mela (fair). One jumping off the sofa, one trying deliberately to push stuff inside the sofa through the cracks, one under it, one lying on it the other sulking in a corner. And then you had 3 of us discussing our stuff right over all the noise. And a granny who walked in and out of it changing diapers for one, maybe feeding another or sometimes just asking us to "stop yapping and LOOK OUT". We had a good week until my sis left with her son. Now everything is very much routine. The girls are having fun. The peapod goes to school, comes home, plays, sleeps and plays a little more till I come and then back home.

Meanwhile the Jellybean at home seems to be honing her skills at wise cracks such that she has us gaping at her after a retort only to pick up shreds of our pride off the floor in good time to salvage whatever is left of it.

After a busy morning one Saturday, I fell asleep with the son at mom's place. The Jellybean was busy playing in one corner of the bed. I suddenly got up to the noise of a 'thud', its got to be the son and it indeed was. I had my heart in my mouth when I saw the li'l fellow on the floor and setting his pitch for the loud cry. In a feeble attempt at self redemption, I asked the jellybean why didn't she wake me up when the li'l fellow was crawling to the edge. For a sec she stared into my eyes like 'oh so now this is my fault' and said "Why did Suni mummy sleep? that is why he fell" - Ofcourse like any wise adult, picked up the child and left the room before I let that reach my mom.

Since the Jellybean is at mom's place so no school for the last month and this month too. So I generally carry her around on my Saturday errands. Every time she and me get on my scooter, she will ask me "Suni mummy, why are you driving so slowly" and this is at 30-40kmph, "My pappa drives very fast and my hair flies like this, when you drive my skirt also does not move". I threaten to leave her by the road sometimes, I have some pride ..don't I?

My mom's sis was home a few months ago and during a hair oil massage session at home the oil bottle slipped and broke. After the pieces were carefully and thoroughly picked and thrown off, she couldn't stand the wastage of good almond oil. So she opened up her waist long tresses and tried to mop up the oil on the floor using it. The Jellybean who saw this told my aunt that the maid had already mopped the floor and there was no need for her to mop again. You can imagine my Aunt's plight - ofcourse like any wise aunt, she asked her to get lost :).

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