Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you race your hubby?

Most days we leave home togather for office. I drop chattambi at my mom's place and chat a little while before I leave. I rarely meet the hubby enroute. But on a rare occasion when he is leaving after i do (mind you he is never late, he usually reaches his intended location way before time. That is a topic for another discussion) we end up a car or two away. The moment i see him ahead of me I have to reach him, cut him and race him. He will let me cut him but will never acknowledge me in the rear view mirror.  The next signal he roars past me and I dont hold a chance. There have been times I have raced past him but its a rare satisfaction. Since he is so shy of acknowledging that the errant driver cutting & honking is his wife, I have a good mind of whistling at him but then I might have colleagues and bosses just around me and might look like I am on a high early morning. This morning I raced and cut in and just was about to wink into the rear view mirror to realize that wasn't our car.....just a number here & there and I loose the plot.

If you find your hubby/spouse driving just a few cars ahead of you what do you do?

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