Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coorg and Goa in the rains - Awesome

Its been a very very long time, infact since the time I was pregnant with my son, we haven't had a leisure tour. So early this year I vowed I was going to start using my club mahindra membership which I have had for the past 2 years but hadn't used it yet. So early June when my sis had planned to come down to see the baby we decided to go to Coorg. With 2 toddlers who needed to be fed regularly we didn't plan to move around a lot but to just enjoy the resort and relax for 4 days and that is exactly what we did. Early June it was drizzling lightly and it was just right to be out there.

This is Jellybean's baby sis crawling and the peapod watching

The girls were busy with the rich flora and fauna around which were so pretty and in abundance

Here they are busy offering some prayers and chattambi looking on

Early August we took the bus to Goa. In hindsight that was a bad decision. Should have gone by train or flown. The only reason we took the bus was since it started right in front of our appartment. It was raining and again we didn't want to move around a lot in Goa from one beach to another. We just wanted to take it slow and enjoy the beach and the food. It drizzled at times and rained at other times but we did also have a sunny day thrown into it to make it a nice monsoon package. Most evenings we were at the beach and it was so so relaxing just sitting and watching the waves with the kids playing right beside us. It was the first proper beach vacation for both the kids. The last time in Goa was just us on our honeymoon. A lot of it is hazy memory but a few things very clear in the mind which is off blogging limits unfortunately :).

The peapod collected a lot of shells and we did get back a handful of good ones

We still have half a year to go and I hope we manage to pack in more trip towards the end of the year. The one thing about trips is kids need kids to play their own crazy games and there is only so much we can do to become kids and join them untill the parent in us starts taking over and we start killing the fun of having fun.

Hansi, she loves that funny face on her.


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