Monday, August 08, 2011

The Peapod and Chattambi

Its been so long that I dont know where to begin and what to write. Since this blog was suppose to be a journal of my kids and everyone around us let me begin with the latest addition to the family. My other sister(not the jellybean's mom) delivered a beautiful baby boy on June 2nd. Oh yeah, we girls have been on a roll :) what can I say. So we have a baby for every year since 2006 to 2011 except 2007. We drew a blank at 2007 since the peapod and jellybean managed to squeeze into the same year. We just queued up like ants one after the other. And the next best is this sister moved to Pune to live close to us. Its getting too exhausting to come up with blog names for all these kids. I am getting tempted to use real names. I still havent figured a blog name for my second born and I think I am going with 'Chattambi', which is what we call him at home and he calls himself so too at times which is the malayalam equivalent of a brat. So with the basic settled lets move on.

The best part ofcourse was the little boy who went from being a baby in my arms to a full fledged toddler who can now manage to get under tables and beds and get out of it too and climbing beds and side tables and comfortabling getting off them as well. I haven't been closely monitoring his milestones, he has just been an active child and he already calls me Mumma and can also say Dada and Taataa and an another dozen things like cocolate, manam(wellam for water), papatti(chappati),pal(milk), kal(leg), ball, Ammacha (for ammachi) and Joe(the peapod). He has about 8 teeth already and is ever ready to grab anything edible.

He is 19months and is keeping us on our toes every waking moment. When he is right in front of our eyes, he is in our face. He is either trying to grab the electric kettle while its on, playing with the toaster cable, sometimes found climbing our delicate glass coffee table. If he is silent that is all the more trouble. That means he has layed his hands on something forbidden and is enjoying the time away from the limelight. He is trouble spelled twice in CAPS,if you get what I mean. Our current open kitchen with no trollies is heaven to him. I am only screaming - I am actually not sure why - because that doesnt deter the little cretin from anything. He kicks his ball amazingly well for his age I think. He builds up his run-up and kicks like he is scoring a goal. He is not into a lot of crying business. He is easily distracted and I have travelled with him in every kind of transport since he was 4 months I think. He is pretty cool. He loves to be on the go. Coming to the sibling equation, they are only screaming and fighting ALL THE TIME. I dont see any hope there. He is always and I say always bent on arm twisting the peapod. There are times she loses her patience with him and hits him back and all I can hear is shouts and screams. You settle one and before I turn my back he is sitting on top of her book, board or throwing her stuff off the balcony ad grinning. He goes picking fights with her where none exists. He has earned his nickname in every right. The peapod can scream till the world ends but he acts like he hasn't heard a sound. And then he is not just that, he also has a sweet side to him with kids younger than him. My heart melts everytime I see him kiss the new baby. Its got to an extent we can not click the baby without him in the frame. He is always kissing him or find a sheet/blanket to wrap him.

I finally leave you with a few snaps - I know that is why you come here. The last pic is the new baby in the family.

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Sumana said...

Oh how cute. Sibling rivalry you bet is something i dread at times. But they do not like to stay away from each other either. The moment one is not seen, the other keeps enquiring.
Little boys are such a task i tell ya. I can understand your situation, but it is fun to watch them and them having fun at the cost of our anger.