Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and Resolutions for 2012

So the time has come to bid 2011 a grand farewell. It was an ok year over all. But I wish for a much better year 2012. So my resolutions for 2012 are

1. Loose 5 kgs and maintan it by Dec 2012. While I did manage to loose weight early last year I couldn't maintain it. Wish this was one of those items you could just check off your list and leave it there.

2. Grill more and extend the home menu. Include a few more stuff that can be made more often and not remain the one time tried and loved recipe.

3. Want to be more socially active and that does not mean meeting more parents of kids who are as boring or even more boring than me.

4. Kick some a$$ at work. While the first half of last year was fun, the second half just sucked. Find something challenging.

5. If we manage to extend the current rental, then I am making a wall full of frames. Whatever arguments the hubby comes up with, I am so going ahead with hammering atleast half a dozen nails on that hallway wall.

6. Travel North. Pls lord, make this happen this year.


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Risha said...

good list. we share atleast one common resolution..the weight :)

Sunita said...

I think we share that with half the world :)