Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Tea Sanctuary

I already told you about our Kerala trip this May.But as you can say that post was more about pics than anything else. So this is the post about everything else especially about the place we stayed at in Munnar. This was a trip that was being planned for a year. Kerala in May is HOT ...super HOT. The kids love it running around the house, the well, looking at cows and hens and all that makes a little quaint village.
2 days after the wedding we left for Munnar. It was a 7-hour journey to Munnar. After a couple of breaks and after an hour of winding roads we were really giddy and tired by the time we reached the place we had booked. When we stepped out of our Travera at about 3 pm we were ready to just dump ourselves on the bed and be done with for the day. But what greeted us was magnificent awesomeness. Seriously. Instead of getting inside to check our rooms we just walked around the lawn and immediately felt very very refreshed. The weather was fantastic. Cloudy but not rainy. Cold but not very. And the view was breathtaking.
When we finally got to the room, it was even better. We were 3 families and a driver and that was exactly how many rooms they had. So we had booked the whole bungalow. In addition to the rooms, we also had a recreation room, a TV room, a Tea room and a Dinning room. Plus they also had a kitchen where the caretaker could cook for us. All the 4 days we stayed there, we had dinner at the bungalow. The room came with free breakfast, which wasn't bad. Puris and Idlis, nothing there not to like.
We did a couple of points at an easy pace each day. The high point for the kids was the elephant ride. My boy totally loved it. We are still talking about it when we lie down at night.
This place we stayed at was called the Tea Sanctuary. I would totally recommend it to family with kids. Specially families who just want to lie back and take it all in rather than people who need one to only rest their heads.

One lies down, the other tries to fly, an another tries to steal off a pair of croc while the boy looks on - how can I help?

Playing hop-scotch

They just couldn't have enough of running around on the lawns

This is the beautiful entrance with these lovely creepers with the trailing flowers.
I would love to do this to our balcony someday

Daddy & son looking on and beyond in opposite directions ofcourse.

That's The Tea Sanctuary

God don't you just love to come back and do reruns of photos and keep telling stories and how you forget all the not so fun part of the holiday, the travelling, about kids throwing up and all other inconveniences. Also I love it when the kids are retelling some part of a holiday totally out of context around you on an unassuming day. Wants me to pack them up again and take them all over some other place again.

And yes, this is a paid post. ha ha ha ...I am kidding. I wish it was paid. I haven't made even a dus rupaiya from this blog.


Sumana said...

Lovely spot. Will keep in mind when we visit Munnar. Nice pics.

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