Monday, July 02, 2012

A visit to the zoo

The kids have been talking about going to the zoo for a couple of weeks now and we just haven't managed to get the mood or th logistics togather. Last Saturday morning, when my sis's son started singing about the zoo, my sis asked around who were all up for a visit to the zoo and all hands went up. We spent the afternoon at the Rajiv Gandhi zoological park  and what we hadn't expected was the amount of walking. If I do it again, I will do it as an evening activity. Maybe reach there around 3-4pm and spend the evening strolling around.

I do not remember enjoying a zoo as a child. Infact I dont even remember a couple of our zoo visits entirely right now except it being mentioned by mom in terms of timelines like when your cousin was born and granny had come or when we went to Baroda for so-and-so uncle's son's wedding and such like. But I love seeing my kids doing the rounds. Its sometimes like seeing it through their eyes and it seems to be filled with wonder and awe, specially the chattambi.
So here is a peak of a saturday well spent.

Chattambi, Peapod and my sister's son.



Sleeping leopards

The White Tiger


Trying to swing

The boys

Spotted deers

Can you tell I bought a new Camera, The Nikon L810.  No right?? I knew that. I am too modest to tell :)


Himagauri said...

which zoo is it?? is it in Pune?

Vincy said...

congratulations on your new camera. Nice to see the pictures, especially the close-up of the white tiger. like reading your posts, been sneaking in now and then to your blog. :-) keep em coming

Sunita said...

@Himagauri - Yes its the katraj zoo
@Vincy - Thanks and thanks for sneaking in a comment.

Sandeep Shankar said...

Nice pictures... First time am here.. will continue.

dimpy roy said...

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