Tuesday, July 03, 2012

All about Chattambi

The boy started playschool this June. The first 2 days was really easy since he was busy playing and I was hanging around. The day since they asked us to stay out of the gate, he has been crying. I ferried him to and fro for a week and P did that for a week. Last week we started him on bus and since my sis's son goes to the same school, same bus we thought he might be ok. He hated letting go but were told he settles in. Every morning as soon as he wakes up he starts about how he does not want to go to school. We try to talk around it in terms of not mention the monster word "school" but just say go to Uma aunty and going in a bus(which he likes) but he would latter get tired of all of our lame attempts at trying to fool him and would say I don't want to go in a bus to uma aunty in school. I want to go to Ammachy's house. It was funny how he was seeing through it all. What do we take a 2.5 years old to be .... stupid? So yes we get repaid in like :).
He is so cute at this stage and so very very naughty. He is busy whacking the ants and all kinds of worms with no fear whatsoever. I am sure that comes from my mom. No jumping, no squirming, no screeching - in short no nonsense, Just squash it. He does just that, get a broom, a chappal and squash.

He calls cockroaches, cocodile and so it might seem to people we have cocodiles in our house.Yeah we haven't bothered to correct him because its just so cute to hear him yelling mumma cocodile. Its fun to see him carry a broom to squash a cocodile.

He didn't seem to me like he would enjoy playing with teeny-tiny cars since he more of a bat and a ball person. Who was I kidding? He is hoarding all sizes of cars now. I still have to see him play but he is busy just moving them from one container to another totally engrossed. He doesn't wheel them off yet.
He does clean up quite well after a bath or a play. Most times he does it without even me asking him to. Absolutely adorable. The peapod isn't so easy.

The one thing about him is he favours me. I mean I haven't known this feeling since the peapod is a total daddy's girl. To watch the little fellow go hammer and tongs behind his sis or father if they mess with me is so so so adorable. He wants to sleep with me, he wants me to pick him up, he comes looking for me as soon as he gets up and that makes my heart go totally fuzzy. Yes I so needed this son of mine. Only God knew what I was missing. I am so so head over heels in love with him. He is full of amazing naughtiness but he is so so mine. Now only if he could grow to be a man I could be proud of. Sometimes it scares me shit when I see the kind of men and their pathetic attitudes that I will be bringing forth one of the kind. But then when I was discussing this with a few of my friends, the Bf said "A man bought up by a Queen, treats women like a Princess" and that I know to be true in many instances. So yes there is hope. A feminist mother is nothing short of a Queen right? She does not treat herself nor does she allow anybody to treat her as a second class citizen. She believes in equal rights, in co-exisitng peacefully without the burden of Indian traditions. She believes in the power of  "Saying No". She believes not only in women being treated respectfully but also men. And then she also believes in prayers and miracles :).

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Sumana said...

Loved the little one's update. I loved and loved the squashing part. He is a little bold guy, cute and i can imagine that. Cleaning up toys you must be kidding. Such a lovely kiddo. And all boys are mamma's, I too love that when the son asks for me anytime he realises i am not close when i am at home.