Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wish I were a Guy?

Four of our cousins(mine and Pradeep's) are due in july/august. Today my sister-in-law delivered a healthy baby girl. Here comes the first little one. Kudos!!! Have been hearing a lot of discussion of maybe a girl .... maybe a boy bcoz of reasons varying from the weather, the month, the food, the books u read, the way the mother behaves, the to-be-father's temperament, the grand parents, the pattern and the postpone or prepone of dates and ofcourse the stars(and moons). All kind of theories except the theory of chromosomes. So maybe its just one of these factors that I was born a girl else would have been a boy uh!!! God!!

Do I wish I were a guy?

Just 2 times in my lifetime have I really wished I were a guy.

Back in school when dad used to send me to the tyre repair shop with the tyre hanging off my ladies cycle depriving me of all the lady like grace, I would like to believe I was carrying, wearing my jeans skirts and collored tops, passing right in front of the bunglow where stayed the rarely-seen-good-looking guy. As my rotten luck would have it, the rarely-seen-good-looking guy would be walking our part of the earth that day or even worse he would be chating with the miss beauty while I will be cursing Dad's vijaya super mza 9932 & wishing to vanish into thin air.

Second is when late night programs started popping up. God!!! 9:30 was my deadline. It was initially 9 but I stretched it to 9:30 bcoz 9:30, 9:45 all so much still sound like 9 isnt it??. (No Hubby dear, 12am doesnt sound like anything ...except for trouble) Have managed a couple of 10's and 11's but surely not without those stern looks and warnings that could send a chill down my pine. The worst is.....when fearing dad's reaction mom would just slap me on entry so that dad would mellow down and wouldnt flood his anger on me. but then MOM(what a strategy), maybe dad would never have hit.MAYBE!!!!

Otherwise why would I have such a silly wish :)

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