Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wonderful Beings

4th July, 8:30am, with the fiercely pouring rains we welcome the little gorgeous Juliana(lets call her that for the time being till her parents come up with something) into this world. So the 2 little ones who have made it into this world last week already have a elder sibling and the reactions of the elder ones aged 3 and 5 are more amazing. So Kevin complains very seriously that his sister is too small. He also tells her she has to grow up fast for him to be able to carry her on his bicycle. These are pretty serious thoughts and instructions to the little one. Jessica just seems to be all amazed by the size of the little one. She doesnt want to go anywhere but just watch her little sister :).

Mom tells me when the twins were born I was all happy that I would have 2 more to play with but complained about them sleeping and crying most of the time. Latter I was unhappy about me not being able to sleep with mom with both of them taking up both the prime positions next to her. I remember my cousin brother used to usually go and open his little sister's curled fingures to check if shez hidding something there. He used to be angry about she curling her fingures. But Sibin, even today she has all your secrets curled up :).

Siblings are so precious. They are your partners in crime. More the merrier but the government disagrees and nor am I advoctaing. The bond is so strong. With a sibling you can usually put up a tough fight with your parents, alone you hardly stand a chance. The special thing about siblings is when you expect them to support you they are mostly not but when you least expect them they would surely be with you fighting for you however wrong you are. Would be foolish to get in between a tussle between siblings bcoz at the end of it the siblings will get together and you would be shooed away. I remember during school days, when playing hide n seek, if any kid had to be seeking, more than once, the siblings would make sure to get someone else "out" or mess up the game with some silly stupid quarrel or the last and cheap try would be to walk out claiming some lame excuse like homework :). The advantage of being 3 was we could mess up any game and play anything between 3 of us and if we needed 4(like carrom or badminton) ... mom was the one filling up for it.

None of that means I am paying your cellphone bills this time dear sis.

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