Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Gods must be Laughing

18th July, 9:11am Mahima's sister made an entry into this world. And so did Biju & Rose's son at 2.51pm, their first born. It was fun to see everyone around and the glow and happiness radiating from the grandmom's and the grandpa's faces. So with that the count down of 4 is done :). All the kids are in perfect health and may god bless them all.
While in the maternity ward, we saw this chart which shows the different stages a child goes through in its mothers womb to become a fully grown baby in 36-40 weeks time and ready to face the world. Its amazing if you think about it. Its life thatz formed with such perfection, each one very unique but still similar in structure. Hands, legs, eyes, intestines , lungs, ears, mouth, nose and so many more that need to function in tandem. Thinking of it I think God must be having a good laugh over news like

"RoboSapien is a recreational robot.He has two speeds of walking, can easily handle 180 degree turns, and can kick, dance, kung fu amongst his 67 pre programmed functions. He can perform a programmed set of commands in any combination of moves you select."

"My Robot can lift 18kgs"

"SOnSO Robot can recognize 18 words and respond"

God with a grin "HA HA HA .... When will they stop boasting"

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