Friday, July 15, 2005

Star Signs - Crazy Signs - Crazy ME

One of the Silly question I ask many people I meet, is their star sign. At times when it might get too obvious derive it from the date and month. Now again, just bcoz I asked your birthdate doesnt mean I am gonna wish you bcoz firstly the intent is just to relate you to someone in the zodiac sense and not surprise u and secondly I am an insensitive geminian and the last but not the least, I just dont have a good memory with numbers. Discussions on star signs have been a major topic in school & college and need not mention the God of all such books "Linda Goodman's Zodiac Signs". Wish we had a subject on this rather than the scary "Characteristics of Benzoyl peroxide" or "What would be the reaction when H2SO4 is poured into MethylCarbonate". I can imagine writing papers after papers quoting examples of a few frds like the teary cribbing saggi, sensitive cancerian, egoistic geminian and the dreamy picean.

I dont make or loose friends bcoz of what Madam Linda has to say about compatibility but surely I am on guard when I meet a Capricon or a Arien but guess what ...My house is full of Ariens & I married a Capri .... I asked the question too late :) maybe linda meant Capri girls. Every time I used to sit & make such stupid studies Moh used to say "But I am a Capri" :) ... ok you are an exception.

I always think I am the best compatible with piceans bcoz all my long lasting friends right from school are piceans. But then I also have scorpions and saggis and cancerians & geminians & ....... so if i see myself getting comfortable & easy going & relaxing with someone then suddenly the stupid question has to be asked...... I keep telling myself no ... no .... and then pop .... hey whatz ur star sign :).

There are times I meet ppl who arent as great as Linda describes them and would dissappoint me big time and would make me wanna sue Linda for having me read all those wrong sagas about them.

Its so silly I know I got to stop it but will I?

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