Friday, January 20, 2006

I am glad its FRIDAY!!!!!

Has been one hell of a week. For reasons more than i care to list i just have been irritated. Still let me list a few

Off late new comers with the 'I know all' attitude have been getting on my nerves like I cant explain. Dont get me wrong, I am not the 'I dont work with new comers' kinda person (now that line sounds like a line from showbiz) but these kids with their hyper activity kill me. I had a short experience with one such in my earlier office And now I have 2 hypers in my team. you never need to talk bcoz they have discussed problems they think you have, solved them and will also have couple of alternate solutions before you could even open your month. I am so glad I will be on leave in another 2 months time. God grant me my daily doze of patience till then. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.

Secondly, my place, I hate it. Had to move here for a brief period but I hate it here. Its over-crowded, its humid and I need to keep moving for ppl around me to settle in their seats.And I hate this guy sitting to my left. he will just
slant backwards right into my shoulder, he would push his chair backwards hitting mine atleast thrice a day, all I want to do to him is, push him & his chair into a corner under the table and hammer him on his head to drive that little sense required right into his head.

And then there has been this list of people I keep thinking I have to call, no its not you, you are on the next page :),will get there god knows when but you keep calling, incoming doesnt need me to plan and so that will work and we'll talk. I am such a bad planner at times ... and it irritates me

The only saving grace is a few blogs and the regular is ok. And I am tired.

Blogrolling Moneyplants who started blogging recently but about money & tax and keeps it simple

Finally its a friday evening and I am eagerly waiting for "THE PEOPLE" arriving home today.


Anonymous said...

God, I was wondering what happened to my ex-roomie..sunita susan thomas..Happy to have her back..there was somebody else who was writing mushy mushy things and I know for sure that wasnt suni..good to have you back!

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hi Sunita,
Visiting your blog after a really long time! I really can understand your feelings about this 'I know it all'kind of people..Me cant stand them as well..a

and pardon me, I was really amused by your idea of hammering the guy next to you's head..No offence, but am surprised to find someone who thinks on similar lines like me, on something as remote as hitting someone's head!

Sunita said...

I couldnt resist commenting on the coincidence, 2 comments and both from rare readers of my blog and both viswanathans. Thanks :).
(The anony is an ex-viswanathan)

So dearest anony, was there a word limit on the username :)

Anonymous said...

well..there is no word limit..i knew you might have something to say about my name..:-), didnt want to type my name..:-)..

biju said...

hey i guess u dropped by at my blog. thanks if u are the one :)

hvn't seen a post for a while now.. been busy?

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