Thursday, January 12, 2006

Parallel Thoughts

I was on Poorna Express and sleeping when the clock struck 12 on the 31st-Dec-2005... but never the less Wish you All a "Very Happy New Year".

ATLAST!!!!! No more matrimonial classifieds to sit and tick through every sunday afternoon and no more checking mails from matrimonial sites. PHEW!!! It sure is a relief to all of us. Every Sunday afternoon, our house, would echo atleast a couple of matri calls for the past 2 years now. Initially it was Dad and then off late it was me, hubby & mom doing the rounds of calls & scanning resumes & meeting them. Dad had plenty to talk about including the family tree and the people we are related to..... We had less stock comparatively.

The wedding was great. A weeks vacation meeting cousins & a whole lot of relatives was really overwhelming. Imagine meeting your cousins from dad & mom's side, your hubby's side and your sister's hubby's side and ofcourse the groom's immediate relatives atleast..... all within 2 hours within the same church compound. While meeting a few, the emotions run very high because when I was meeting & hugging them, I was really glad they made it to the church inspite of being at their tender 75-85 and the only reason they have come is bcoz they really wanted to. To boast of a few(I am not sure they are going to like the mention of their age, they still think they arent that old) .... My Granny's(Dad's mom) sister at 75, My granny(Mom's mom) at 85, My Granny's brothers, My grandpa's brothers were all there to bless the occassion. I guess the whole of the grand-generation were there that day and surprised a lot of us. Havent said a lot to them, havent had more than 5-10 mins with each but still it touched deep when we kissed each other good bye bcoz we werent sure when & where next.

And finally the wedding is over and all drive back home leaving my sister at her in-law's place. We reach home and I felt like I lost something I always carried, like a cellphone(stupid example but you will understand the feeling). To say I was frantic or panicky would be exageration but I sure managed to worry myself & hubby with my tons of "what ifs....". Wonder how parents marry off their daughters. In the "Father of the Bride", I thought the father was acting weird, but now I wonder how can anyone at all act sane.

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