Tuesday, February 21, 2006

34 Days More!!!

What kind of a post would you expect from a nine month preg lady other than loads about herself and her ever growing tummy and ofcourse about the one whoz in there and thinks kicking rocks.

The countdown has started and the arrival is eagerly awaited. The eagerly waiting sure is for emotional reasons but additionally also to end the trauma of being treated like a football ground and a active gymnast's wide open field. Sometimes humps appear as the bottom sticks out to the left of my tummy button. Sometimes a little foot sticks out on the right, under my ribs. The little one seems to be stretching. I can also see the surface wriggle most of the time. Its said, after the eighth month, the activity of the little one will get fewer but with harder knocks bcoz of lack of space but personal experience says there are also the kinds of mine where the knocks sure get harder but the movements never get fewer. No, Doesnt kick hard enough to hurt me(thankfully not enough space), but surely makes me all uncomfortable and gets me off-balance with the kind of twists and twirls it makes. Everyone tells me, dont get lazy else you will have a lazy child, but how I wish it would slow down a little and STOP trying to be the BECKHAM & NADIA right now. Infact, the maximum activity happens exactly when I am trying to laze around.

Today when I went in for my appointment, my gynec said, the "heads down" now which would mean its begining to prepare for arrival. But I have my own doubts. I guess its fooling around big time with my dear old gynec. I would assume it would be pretty difficult to do a lot of hand and leg movements, twists and twirls with your heads down but even as I type this I can feel the "dont write about me" kinda kicks.

Dear, didnt someone tell you, your mom's a writer who aspires to make it big with the bad spellings and still worser usage of the language.

Whoever it is, tell him, writers never care ...its just the feeling conveyed :-).


S m i t h a said...

women are so lucky to feel all this!!

LOLOL @ "still worser usage of the language"

Risha said...

i just dunno what to say other than ALL the best :)

i think the baby and me might share birthdays too, what do u say

Binesh said...

May be this is the first time I am reading an article on this subject. Awaiting to see you, dear baby. :)

amzee said...

I am excited to c ur baby!
Saw Archu's baby and she shares her b'day with mine, cool na!