Tuesday, November 28, 2006

8 things @ 8

My daughter turns 8 months today. so will just pen 8 things about her

1) She crawls on all fours. She follows me around, if out of sight will follow my voice, crawling.
2) She stands up with support. She seems to like the center table clean. anything on top of it like paper, flowers, toys are all on the floor in a matter of minutes. She might even lick it, if it takes to her fancy.
3) She can climb the stairs at home. 4 steps one after the other, only her long track pants offering some hindrance.
4) She says kakaka, gagaga, kaga to various tones. I am searching for whoever said mama is the baby's first word, bcoz this is taking its dig at my ego. Still hoping to hear mama soon ....I thought I heard them yesterday, but it wasn't.
5) She can wave. but she does it when I am at home and not when I am leaving
6) She shakes her head vigorously, as if imitating her dad, or providing rhythm to the lullabys I am singing
7) She hates medicines and shuts her mouth tight, guess got it from her mom. With every dose of medicine for her cough and cold there is this fierce activity of holding hands and legs and mouth (to avoid spitting) pitilessly.
8) Her favourite toy is a Giraffe, Aruna got her. She enjoys chewing his tail and scarf.
Bonus) She loves being carried on the shoulder where she is high above everyone else, she loves playing hide & seek, she loves to hear various kinds of noise and She loves to watch funny silly faces to which we oblige gladly.

(I know this warrants a picture, will try to put one up soon)


Biju said...

yes, this absolutely asks for a picture.. or maybe a video of her..

ah, from what I read she's quite adorable. :-) u must be a proud mama!

Risha said...

reshma-with-eyes-wide-open, wow its 8 months already??? seems like just yesterday she was born.
Congratulations!! just 4 months away frm her first b'day..yipeee..gals do grow fast :)

Gowri Shankar said...

Wow.Congratulations!Usually,I dont read 'senti' stuff.But I like kids very much.They remind me of the lost innocence and worry free life.

Sunita said...

@biju: Yes, I am a proud mama ..haha ..feels funny to say that. I am absolutely enjoying the phase & the role.
@risha: :) I know, time flies.
@ gowri shankar: Its really fun to watch them grow, the little things they do, their smile, their laugh ... oh it simply gets you all high.

Magnolia said...

Boy you must be a really proud mom!

I personally don't like kids...only like to watch them from a distance.

Diapers and loud wails must be real fun ;)

umesh patil said...

I think she is very cute would like to see her i think she would be very naughty. It remided me of my childhood.

Sunita said...

@magnolia: I am. And touchwood, diapers arent as bad as they sound but wails might tire you out :).
@umesh: Hmm.. Dont know about naughty but I hear a lot of 'she is going to get stubborn'

Minal said...

yes, a picture!

On a tangent but how difficult is it to handle professional and the personal life. ... is there ever an ideal situation?

KJ said...

8 months...cool!! I am sure when they start doing their 'little things' ...everyday feels like Monday (that is if you have to go to work)

Reshma, easy with the wide eyes...you will scare Joyce !

Send a picture!

- Kapil

Usha said...

You do have some restraint to stop with 8 _ I bet you have 8 pages of things to say about her.
Yes, waiting for the picture.

Arun Pillai said...

This post reminds me of my nephew who went pass these stages.

Have a great time with her ::

Sunita said...

minal: Thanks for dropping by and yeah will put up a pic soon. About life, I am just one of those lucky ppl who have ample people to fall back upon.

kj: How are you doing? I am absolutely all delighted by the little things my little one does. I am waiting to see something up on your blog now.

usha: Thanks for dropping by. Yes I stopped myself saying I can write these every month :)

Arun: Thanks for dropping by