Wednesday, April 04, 2007

How do you get them to admit

On our way to office today, at a crossroad, infact a round-about, we were waiting behind an Elantra to cut across the traffic moving straight ahead. The Elantra was moving at snail-speed. After waiting for hold-your-breath like 2 seconds, P decided to overtake the Elantra rather than follow. The straight-going traffic was slowing down as the Elantra started crossing. Just as P overtook the Elantra, A Hyundai Accent, from no-where(that is what we would like to think) cut us, P slammed the brakes and the Hyundai got thru and we went on our business of get through the crossroad...all in a matter of seconds. No need to mention, I missed a beat. You have no idea how shit-scared I am of roads, traffic and driving. I looked at P and he was driving with a serious look as if nothing happened. I asked

"Did you get scared ?"

"No...Was that close?"

"Yaaaaa....Didn't you realize"


"Did you get scared?"

"No ..I think people at the junction got scared"

smiling "Hmm ... but you did not get scared uh?"

"May be, my heart just did some trick"

"You mean you missed a beat"


"That means you got scared"

Now smiling " get out and take a rick"

I usually take a rick from his office to mine which is at less than 5 mins drive. Don't ask me why don't you walk ... You have no idea of how Pune is cooking up this Summer.


Mathi said...

heard of an invention called umbrella? :P

Just like that said...

that last bit struck a chord. I can actually get down at a signal and walk, while Hubs can take a turn at the same signal. But I usually get him to take a turn a little further on, so that I can get down almost right in front of office.... and he obliges. the days we quarrel in the morn, I walk :-(

ams said...

i so agree! men r like that!