Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Like Dada or Mama?

The day Joyce was born, everyone who came to see us were prepared with their guess at who does my child look like. Absolutely divided. My family, as in , Mom, my extended family, uncles, aunts, basically all who had seen me as a kid claimed she was just like me and ofcourse P's entire family including parents, aunts, uncles all claimed they resembled him. I was happy then. since atleast half the world is on my side.

Slowly well-meaning friends and neighbours and acquaintances at social gatherings or otherwise would go ...oh she is so NOT like you. She looks like P or She looks like her grand father and so on. Now obviously these people haven't seen me young and all they see now is a wheatish complexioned, long faced, short mother and a fair, round faced fairly tall father. Obviously the scales slides the Dada side and he is grinning because he knows how I disagree and am being polite.

The only thing people are not able to figure out about Joyce is her curly hair. No one in P's family has curly hair. My father had. Mine is too, but fairly less than his. My Father's granny in all her snaps, seemed like she had a boy-cut, but that was just curly hair curled all the way to her scalp. My cousins have spent a fortune in the parlour trying to straighten their hair. So coming back, Joyce's curly hair attributes to my genes :). I am Happy, one down.

I and P often argue about who she is going to be like. Once he showed me an article which stated that every women would want to claim her child is like the father. It is a mental game where the women is telling the father, "really, is your child". I probably belong to a different league :). I want her to be like me.

Yesterday my cousin mentioned, her smile is like mine. Ofcourse, two down. I am counting. Recently, while going through old albums I found a pic of mine at ONE. I have been carrying that pic in my bag to get it scanned. P found the pic in my bag .."oh so that is what you are going to pull out every time anyone says she looks like me uh" ?? ... But the self-pompous creature that I am ... I will post in on my blog for the world to look at :), So ladies & gentleman, here I present the proof.

Joyce's picture taken at 8 months

Tell me there is something similar please. Else I will get a better pic :)


Biju said...

hmmm.. ahem.. no comments. especially knowing that you would disagree :-P

actually her chin looks like yours ;-)

Orchid said...

You are so convinced that she is like you that you did not even bother to put up a picture of your hubby when he was younger :).....it is difficult to tell without looking at his picture as well....but whatever it is she is cute and that should make you happy :)

upsilamba said...

Else I will get a better pic :)

-- Guess I need a better pic.

Joyce is a cutie!! I can't wait to have a lil baby girl. Oh well...will wait for couple of years.

ams said...

all i can say is that 'u' look like ur mom :)
PS: i've heard that if a daughter looks like her father, it is indeed very lucky for her! I do believe in this since I resemble my father a lott.

Monika said...

i think i can see the resemblance a little in the eyes in whatever i could see.... u can count 3 down :)

Tharini said...

I think perhaps your eyes? :) And let's see another pc while we are at it.

Btw, I really enjoyed your recent comment....I love the concept of family prayer. Its beautiful. And something that I know I'll want to do henceforth. Thanks for the inspiration.

Moppet's Mom said...

I can so relate! Everyone I know says Moppet looks like her dad, and while I know it doesn't really matter, I so want a leetle bit of me to show in her.

For what it's worth, I think Joyce does look a bit like you... :-)

Poppins said...

Errr. Sorry Sunita, I fail to see the resemblace, you're right that her face cut is so different from yours that I stop right there.. Maybe her eyes are like yours? (Just trying to make you feel better :)

I have mixed reports too about poppin and quite honestly it does not bother me at all, I happen to think DH is better looking than I am :-)

Sunita said...

@biju: Smart boy!! Do you love your life.
@orchid: I will have to rampage through his old albums.
@upsilamba:better pic?? I will have to get Joyce dressed in a similar outfit, shoes and socks in a similar pose and put it up ..just wait
@ams: oh yeah, I have gone 180 deg from dad-facecut to mom-facecut in 30 years ... hope Joyce will too. lucky if father-like and double lucky if mother-like ..what say??
@monika:Thanks!! you are a sweetie pie
@tharini: yes eyes, many Thanks!!!
@moppet's mom: Glad someone understands my feelings!!

Sunita said...

@poppins:Mixed reports are better than a 90-10 ratio. Almost nil attributes is what bothers me :)

Just like that said...

Both of you look absolutely cute!

Just like that said...

You know what,enlarged both pics- and the smile and the forehead is indeed yours...

There was this story doing the rounds- that the baby will look like whichever spouse has more love towards the other. So next time your husband claims she looks like him, let him chew on that!

I promise you that the next time he will come up with some resemblance to you. ;-)

Sunita said...

jlt:**HUGS** Forehead -4 down and smile - five down ..brilliant :)...I am just plain crazy. Also, thanks for the mention on your blog

Rohini said...

It's so upsetting when you carry them for 9 months and they pop out looking nothing like you. My son is a spitting image of my husband to the extent that one of his distant relatives whom I had never met identified me as his wife by looking at my son's face.

artnavy said...

oh - i thought it was Joyce in black and white

just kidding

same here- no one thinks anush looks like me except ME

Sunita said...

@rohini: You are absolutely right. Just carrying 9 months isn't enough, we want it to reflect too :).
@art: :). Even I think she looks like me whatever people say.

Risha said...

sorry for the late entry...was really busy with things around here.

first of all lots of hugs and kisses to joyce. i feel like holding her and playing with her. and pulling her cheeks:)

hmm overall she seems to look like him, but when I look carefully her face cut is like yours, hair ofcourse curly like yours, forehead as somebody mentioned and i think her little fingers too. color wise well she is fairer than both of you :-) so shes gone on Uncle(ur dad) for that.

Fuzzylogic said...

I can relate to this so much. Ina resembled her dad more than me but she has my eyes and chin (atleast that is what I have been told and I was so happy about that) Joyce does have your eyes:)

Sunita said...

@risha: I have been wondering where were you and thanks for all the sims.
@fuzzy: :) actually it doesn't matter much unless people go about 'Oh how so NOT like you' tearing your heart every time.