Friday, May 04, 2007


Come Summer and Pune has Gulmohurs in full bloom all around. The Gulmohur, which is the view from our windows, stands tall over 2 old cottages with huge clusters of red-orange flowers, the brown flattened pods and green leaves. It is a beautiful sight. We sip our morning & evening teas sitting on the window sill, watching the Gulmohur in all its majesty, while Joyce plays peekaboo with the tall french windows & tries to look for birds that make strange noises. I love the Gulmohur. I just can't have enough it.
I fell in love with the Gulmohur back in school. My school had 2 Gulmohurs on both sides of the Gate. Many a Games and PT(physical training) periods were spent underneath it. Lots of garba(a Gujarati folk dance) & dandiya practises have been performed underneath. Lots of breaks and rests in-between long jumps and high jumps have been under the tree. Lots of tiffins were gulped admist laughter and jokes underneath. Have played the 'love-me-love-me-nots' with thoes beautiful green leaves. In short lots of memories of the Gulmohur.
I tried clicking a couple of pics of the Gulmohar outside our window but just couldn't do justice to what I see. I had a similar feeling when I visited the 'Lake district' in UK, a couple of years back. Have you ever felt so or do I need a better camera? This is a pic I clicked that absolutely doesn't do justice to what we see there. Serene and Captivating.


upsilamba said...

My my my!! Can never get enough of nature's beauty.

ps. I dont think you need a better camera, just hand over the camera to someone else before clicking.

Biju said...

There were gulmohur trees right outside the window in a house I lived in earlier. The trees looked so gorgeous in summer.. Ah!

Yes, sometimes pictures just can't do justice to what we see. Doesn't matter what camera it is. On the other hand, there are some places that photograph really well. Prime example being the Himalayas - Leh, Spiti, etc..

Fuzzylogic said...

Your Gulmohar pics took me back memory lane. There were beautiful Gulmohar trees near my school and I remember always loving to walk on that road when they were on full bloom. Infact when I think of school that's a memory which stands out the most as I always loved that. The last pic doesn't need a better camera,just looking at it you feel it's so beautiful and serene.

Just like that said...

Serene is just the word for it. And I don't think you need a better camera, looking at the pic makes you feel a sense of peace.

Sigh, I love all trees. But my flat doesn't have even one... And now to add to my woes, I have this neighbour who's built a 3 storey house opp us. With just 3 blank walls on the side facing us! I can't tell you what an eyesore it is. Every day it never fails to irritate me. Grrr!

Smi said...

This is my first time here! You have an interesting blog, I must say..
Your snaps are is the last snap of Pune?!! Looks like someplace else!:)

ams said...

hey... the last snaps is my favourite too! i wish i had my S2 IS at that time!
btw... when did u start capturing gulmohors and leaves?

Sunita said...

@upsi: got the message :p
@biju: Haven't been to any of thoes places ..should try.
@fuzzy: :) I think it should be mandatory in every school to have gulmohurs
@jlt: I could have stood there for eternity(or so I think :))
@smi: Thanks for dropping by. That snap is Lake District in the UK.
@ams: I remember searching for postcards around there that could even measure half up to it. We had a lovely time indeed :)

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous picture of the gulmohurs.

- Anon.

Risha said...

i am getting all nostalgic abt lake district now :)