Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Joyce at 14

She walks, runs & kicks. She climbs 2 flights of stairs 5 times a minute (atleast seems so). Good for my health you might say, I don't think so. At 14 she can kick a ball, she can show anger by kicking anything available at her discreet.No, this is not a practice in our place and I have no clue where she gets it from. It could be probably because my mom moves rags with her feet, just a guess .

She claps and turns around. She enjoys watching nursery rhymes.

She drink off her sippy, glass and even a bottle. She has learnt to sip through a straw as well.
P took her for a walk one day and bought some coconut water from the street since he was thirsty, Ofcourse the daughter wasn't going to let the father enjoy it in peace until he taught her how to sip. Now every time we walk the road and pass the coconut seller, she keeps smacking her lips and pointing fingers.

She imitates P exercising everyday. One day, he was just showing off his muscles and she started imitating him forcing strength while grinding her teeth.

She tries to eat all kind of raw vegetables. Tomatoes, beans, onions and even bitter groud. She even tried digging her teeth into garlic and latter spit it out in disgust.

She is scared of the dog growling not barking. she is scared of the grinder, the moped starting and thunder and little butterflies sitting on the ceiling. She comes running and clings hard or even better is she runs through that stretch of the house instead of walking or strolling where the butterfly or insect is seen on the ceiling.

As soon as I set the table for dinner or breakfast, she goes in search for P and signals him with a smacking sound while summoning him with a nodding head. Now-a-days she pushes him towards the dinning. Smacking is her way to tell us she is hungry or thirsty.

These days she seems to be putting things into her mouth just to grab attention. Couple of days back I was so tired of yelling "spit, spit" after she put in a piece of paper into her mouth, I just ignored her. In a few minutes she comes to me and holds out her tongue for me to see. I ignored her again and she comes back holding the thing in her hand :).

All the trolleys/drawers in the Joyce household has been emptied or dumped with things otherwise not required for the smooth running of the kitchen or the house in general.

Not Potty trained, not weaned and does not sleep on her own yet.


Moppet's Mom said...

Hey, Joyce and Moppet are almost EXACTLY the same age! Moppet will turn 14 months two days from now - I have a draft post on the 14 month update that reads pretty much like yours :-)

But really, looking at Joyce today, can you even believe that just over a year ago she was a tiny helpless baby? I look at Moppet today, and I think, who is this little girl?

upsilamba said...

Joyce, Moppet and my lil one are all almsot the same age!!

"Not Potty trained, not weaned and does not sleep on her own yet"
--- Suni, so glad to know I am not alone.

Nice pictures.

Biju said...

wat kind of eating habits are u cultivating in her? bitter gourd for chrissakes!! that must be the most awful veggie in the world :-D.

<just kidding of course. not about the bitter gourd though>

NainaAshley said...

Cute pictures! She seems to be keeping herself and you busy. Do keep writing about her cute antics.

Risha said...

lovely pictures.. !!! :)

Risha said...

and hey the last pic...she lost her hair? you chopped her hair off?

Poppins said...

Cute Pictures ! Nice updates. She climbs the stairs 2 at a time? Poppin still can't climb stairs without holding on to the rod ! (20 months) What can I say, she's the cautious kind :)

Just like that said...

Karela? I think some mothers would die for a baby with Joyce's taste buds! LOL!

Sunita said...

@All, Thanks
@biju,jlt: I wasn't cultivating any taste but right now she is ready to experiment with anything given to her & I oblige. I would be lucky if she preserved this taste all through out.Once her experiments are over she is probably gonna be thowing karela and me out of the window :)
@risha: just wait for the next post

Sunita said...

@poppins:God no!! She doesn't climb 2 stairs at a time. She climbs 2 flights of stairs umpteen times. once on top, she needs to come down and then climb again. restless toddlers!!!!

Monika said...

cho chweet.... i love reading ur posts on joyce throughly she seems like such a cute kid :) but i cant believe she eats raw bittergourd

Pushpa said...

Joyccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is adorable...i love taklu head too...

Sunita said...

@pushpa:thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.